You don’t really care about us do you? You are what is important here, not us.

But if you must know, this site was built by Bob Gourley as a way of tracking key tech firms. Bob and his crew at CTOvision must track all the news so we can produce content for our sites and add value to our clients and the community we interact with.  Tools like CTOlist.com and FedClouds.com help us track what is going on in a more formal way.

Here are more of our sites:

  • CTOVision - Our flagship property providing context for enterprise technologists. Sign up for our newsletters.
  • CTO labs - An examination of disruptive technologies. Much of this site is free and open, but CTOlabs Pro is a premium offering.
  • TotalNewsWatch – A curated list of feeds. All the news without bias, fear or favor.
  • CTOlist - Tech news, always up to date.
  • BobsDNS - How we manage our site registrations.
  • BobGourley.com - Our founder’s personal site, loaded with experimental code.
  • Crucial Point LLC - Our consultancy. Visit for information on how to partner with us.
  • CloutBot – Measure multiple factors on any site, fast.
  • SiteClout – Determine the clout of any site, fast.
  • IPWonk – Find out what your IP address is, fast.
  • ProxyWonk – A free proxy, great for hiding your IP address while surfing the net.
  • FedClouds – An always updated reference to cloud computing, focused on the federal sector.