Now we can reveal: Centripetal Networks a 2013 FinTech Innovation Lab company

By Bob GourleyI’ve mentioned before how incredibly proud I am to be on the board of Centripetal Networks, provider of the Rule Gate high performance packet filter/network device and comprehensive solutions like Clean Internet service. Something we have been unable to publicly talk about till now is work that Centripetal has been doing with the FinTech Innovation […]

Carbon Black: Providing Elemental Insight

Carbon Black is the first ‘security camera’ for your computer. By logging binary execution, file system modifications, Registry modifications and new network connections on a Windows host, you can dramatically reduce the time, expense and disruption associated with dealing with security incidents. Carbon Black produces irrefutable evidence of activity on a host letting you ‘roll […]

FusionX – Providing Persistent Cyber Risk Management for the Enterprise

FusionX is an innovative security consulting, technology, intelligence, and risk management solutions firm. They help clients identify and mitigate current and emerging threats to their enterprise and deploy agile solutions to address the challenges associated with global business operations. FusionX was founded to deliver a next-generation of solutions and services in critical market segments to […]

Q&A: Bob Gourley on the Cyber Conflict Studies Association – FierceGovernmentIT

Gourley provided context on the Cyber Conflict Studies Association. An except follows: FGIT: What is the Cyber Conflict Studies Association? Gourley: It was formed in 2003. We’ve been focused on academia, working with the colleges, and therefore not been seeking a lot of publicity. Our whole purpose of being is to advance the field of […]