Now That You Are Headed To Geoint, What Should You Do There?

By Bob Gourley Are you the kind of person that thinks long range planning means anything that is more than 24 hours out? If so, don’t feel lonely! Especially when it comes to events like the Geoint Symposium 14-17 Apr.  You know it is going to be a great event and you don’t need to put […]

Tech Titans To Visit At Geoint: Here is my take on the must-see firms on the expo floor

By Bob Gourley This is a follow on to our post on planning your time at the Geoint Symposium. With this post I want to make some technology recommendations that may be helpful to you as you plan out your time at the Geoint Symposium 14-17 Apr. There are so many great firms on the expo floor […]

The 2014 Analytics Forum Will Be Held 30 July in Reston VA

By Bob Gourley Save the date! The 2014 Analytics Forum will be held 30 July in Reston VA. This event is focused on analytical insights for mission impact. The Analytics Forum is co-sponsored by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF)and the Analyst One website. The forum is the premier Big Data analytics event for mission-focused government and […]

Learn Tools And Best Practices For #BigData Innovation With @GovLoop on 10 Apr 2014

By Bob Gourley We have previously written about our friends at GovLoop, the online community for public sector professionals. If you are in or support government technology we hope you are in Govloop, they are a very open community designed to foster collaborative information exchanges. In case you missed it we want to provide some […]

Apache Hadoop And Security: Learn Context From Cloudera 2 Apr in DC

By Bob Gourley Security is a hot topic. Achieving more, efficiently, with enterprise data is a hot topic. So optimizing Apache Hadoop to contribute to enterprise security missions is an incredibly hot topic. The security and audit of Hadoop itself is also of critical importance. These related themes are the topics of the next three […]

Government Employees and Contractors: Attend 10 Apr Dialog With @LorenSiebert on Open Source DigitalGov Search Tech

By Bob Gourley Loren Siebert is someone I really admire. He is known for delivering real world solutions that work in enterprises, and he has a track record of doing that in ways that help everyone around him. He never crows about this so I’ll do some of that here: I credit him with the […]

Watch A New World Of Innovation Launch At O’Reilly Solid Conference 21-22 May 2014 in San Francisco

By Bob GourleyIt is time we all began to focus more on the coming age of a totally networked, software-enhanced, continually enhancing, device enabled world. No doubt you are already tracking the construct many are calling the “Internet of Things” and you may have been pondering what this connected world might look like. Now you […]

Register for FOSE by March 14th and get a FREE iTunes gift card

By Bob GourleyFOSE is right around the corner! This year’s premier event provides tools and best practices to equip agencies for the 21st century. It’s free to all government personnel. In addition, the first 25 people who register by March 14th will receive a FREE $10 iTunes gift card.* Here is how to get your FREE […]

8 March 2014 @WashingtonExec STEM Symposium Needs Your Support

By Bob GourleyThe WashingtonExec Inaugural K-12 STEM Symposium will held on March 8th in Herndon VA. The event is open and free for the public. This event is expected to bring together 500 parents, students, teachers, corporate/government executives, and non-profit representatives. We are very much hoping you will be part of this activity. There is a real need […]

If you could not attend @FedCyber catch up on key content here

FedCyber hosts events that are off the record. We do that because this is a gathering to work big issues and we need an environment where real decision-makers can feel free to speak their mind. Attendees capture info to take back to their organizations, and some summary minutes and action items are captured, but that […]